Honoring MLK Day 2021

January 14, 2021

In our commitment as members of GVIN to fulfill its statements of Purpose…

  • Cooperate in efforts that will serve the community as proponents of human dignity and agents of compassion in seeking to meet essential human needs;
  • Offer opportunities for community worship, spiritual celebrations, shared learning activities, fellowship, and service;
  • Exchange ideas and resources among members;
  • Enrich our common ties around shared principles and hopes; and
  • Demonstrate positive acceptance of religious diversity and share such information in the Grand Valley communities. 

… we have provided several short videos about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his sacred work to unite people in the 1960’s.

In one interview he talks about needing a “revolution of values” in order for government leaders and the citizens of this country to find common ground. In many ways, what Dr. King describes then applies to today’s political and societal challenges…more than 50 years later.

You can also view two special videos created by local churches, members of GVIN, that demonstrate the grassroots efforts being made in some of our worship and religious centers to create a welcoming space filled with diversity and acceptance.

The Members & Friends of GVIN are united in an effort to promote human equality on all fronts. We have MUCH in common with one another… more similarities than differences. CLICK HERE to visit GVIN’s list of educational and inspiring videos. You will also find a link to MLK celebration activities happening around the valley. Join us in uniting with our one, human family to honor the work of Dr. King and others who followed. There is much to do!

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