Issues & Causes

On this page you will discover a variety of ISSUES & CAUSES that may be supported by GVIN’s member organizations and/or members of their congregations. These pages are representative of the many social justice issues in which Interfaith organizations are involved and on which voices speak out for and to support a diverse society.

The “Enforcement Act of 1870” (AKA “The Force Acts” – 1870-1871). Senator Oliver H.P.T. Morton, an Indiana Republican (pictured below), introduced a resolution in December 1870, requesting the president to communicate any information he had about certain incidents of threatened resistance to the execution of the laws of the United States.

The U.S. Senate set forth these laws regarding attempts to intimidate Americans from exercising their Constitutional rights – including First Amendment rights of freedom of religion and free speech. These laws, which are still in effect today, have been used as the basis of causes of action when groups like the KKK, the Proud Boys, or any other people in trucks with large Confederate or Nazi flags along with American flags, attempt to intimidate marchers whose cause the intimidators disagree with and wish to suppress.

People have the right to exercise their right to congregate in public to exercise their rights of free speech and religion under the full protection of the law, which includes the right NOT to be harassed while exercising those rights. Equal rights under the law.

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