Q: Are there any membership fees, tithes, or other costs associated with joining?

A: Yes, there can be. Please refer to the BYLAWS page for a description, definitions, and responsibilities of membership (MEMBER or FRIEND) and the associated responsibilities at each level of participation.

Q: Who can become a member?

A: Our By-Laws define those involved in membership thus: “The historical churches and congregations, faith-based agencies, spiritual communities, and other established religious traditions in the Grand Valley of Western Colorado” which support the purpose and vision of GVIN, including “Friends” of GVIN.

(Refer to the GVIN BYLAWS on the ABOUT page for descriptions, definitions, and qualifications of membership.)

Q: Where do you meet?

A: We are once again meeting in person. Our meeting places are variable, but typically we meet at 740 Gunnison Avenue, Grand Junction, CO (on the second floor atrium meeting room).

During the COVID pandemic we met virtually and may again in the future. We recommend that you be a known member of GVIN to receive a ZOOM invitation when we were meeting virtually … or … be an invited guest by one of our long-time GVIN members. See the HOME page for those key Members.

Virtual (ZOOM) or in-person, we will meet on the second Thursday of each month in 2024, at Noon to 1:30 PM (lunch hour). You’re welcome to drop by, but we recommend contacting us to verify that we aren’t meeting at a different member’s location. Visit our CALENDAR page for current meeting dates.