Supporting Our Muslim Neighbors

This is a time for us all to reflect on how we can center Muslim communities. Ask yourself: How are Muslim communities impacted by the issues I stand in solidarity with? Are they visible in my work, or are they erased? How can I do more?

Provided below are a list of simple things all of us can do …

Here’s how you can support our Muslim Brethren: 

  1. Be mindful of the workload of practicing Muslims this month. As allies, we must ask ourselves how to better support our colleagues during this time
  2. Make space and grace for prayer times that may conflict with meetings or assignments. Prayer times vary by location, so ask to accommodate.
  3. Respectfully acknowledge Ramadan in meetings and at events.
  4. Learn about the connection between Islamophobia & anti-Blackness (anti-Africanness).
  5. Don’t assume that someone is fasting. 
  6. Give to causes benefiting Muslim communities